The Power of Your Mind - If You Can Imagine It, You Can Have It.

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Your staff will be transformed after they walk on fire. They become more positive and more productive
Firewalking Builds Confidence and Motivation Through Action and Emotion These courses boost confidence for two main reasons. First, conquering challenges can boost confidence. This is the fundamental lesson of military boot camps, which build confidence by pushing participants beyond their perceived or self-imposed limits of strength and endurance. In other words, they boost confidence by helping you perform at a higher level, and it is easier to "behave your way" into a new way of thinking about yourself than it is to "think yourself" into a new way of behaving.

To have truly lasting effects, firewalking must be combined with a vision of what you want to accomplish, and a strategy for making it a reality. In other words, the motivation and confidence that come from firewalking need to be channeled in a productive direction. If a dysfunctional company with no vision and no strategy goes on a firewalking retreat, it will be little more than a temporarily pumped-up dysfunctional company with no vision and no strategy.

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